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Leak Detection

JMJ Plumbing can handle your leak detection needs quickly and affordably. Whether a gas or water leak, JMJ Plumbing is here for you.

Water leaks can be a great inconvenience and expense. If your water line it leaking, you could be losing thousands of gallons of water each and every year. Worse yet, it your experiencing a waste disposal line leak, you could have contiminated water leaching into the ground around your home. This can result in cesspools, as well as erosion of the foundation of your home, causing instability and danger.

In the a worst case scenario you could have a leaking gas pipe. This is the most dangerous situation you could find yourself in and this problem needs to be diagnosed and resolved as quickly as possible.

JMJ Plumbing is your solution. We pride ourselves on providing the most reliable, professional service for all of your plumbing needs. If you suspect a leak around your property, call us right away at (843) 651-1080.